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Resection of Colon

The resection of the colon becomes necessary if you have infections and other problems in your large intestine. If your doctor suggests you to undergo this surgery, you need to do it as early as possible because the infected part can lead to other severe issues in your body.

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Your doctor will encourage you to get up and walk the day after surgery. You can also go back to your regular activities after one or two weeks, such as showering, walking upstairs, and driving, but you need to avoid intensive activities for some weeks. Moreover, take an appointment after two weeks of your surgery for a follow-up checkup. If you face any troubles like pain and soreness around the incision, then consult your doctor immediately.

What Is A Colon?

The large intestine, also called a colon, is present in the lower part of the digestive tract. It is a long organ that includes the small intestine, large intestine (colon), and the rectum (concluding part of the colon).

When you swallow your delicious meal, it begins its journey by getting into the stomach for digestion and then into your small intestine, which absorbs the nutrition in your food. The remaining (waste) of the food travels through the colon to the rectum, and then your body removes it. The colon and rectum hold the waste and absorbs water until you expel it.

What Is A Colostomy?

A resection of the colon is also known as a colostomy. This surgery aims to remove the affected part of your colon. The colon is also known as the large bowel or large intestine.

During this surgery, your surgeon cuts the affected section of your colon and then reconnects the other healthy parts. Your surgeon can also suggest you remove the entire colon or some parts of it.

If you don’t have any healthy intestine left, your surgeon can perform a colostomy. During the colon’s resection, the doctor moves one end of the colon to the outside of the abdomen wall. Then, your surgeon attaches the abdomen with the colostomy bag. So that when feces pass through your large intestine, it gathers into the bag. The stool that reaches to the bag is usually liquid or soft.

The method of colostomy is not permanent. The patient has the bag until the intestines heal entirely. By performing another surgery, the surgeon can take out the colostomy. However, in some cases, the doctor does not remove the bag, and the colostomy is permanent.

Why Do You Need Resection of Colon?

The resection of the colon becomes necessary to treat the problems like:

  • Infection
  • Colon cancer
  • Intestinal clogs caused by tumors or scar tissues
  • Diverticulitis, large bowel disease
  • Bleeding In the intestine
  • Precancerous polyps
  • Volvulus, an abnormal position of the intestine
  • Ulcerative colitis, an intestine infection
  • Intussusception – occurs when one part of the intestine slips into the other part.

The Procedure of Colon Resection

Before the surgery, you will get anesthesia, which will help you to remain asleep throughout the surgery. You will also not feel any pain during the process. Your surgeon will choose between open colostomy or laparoscopic.

During the laparoscopic colostomy, the surgeon inserts a thin camera into the intestine to get clear images. This method involves multiple small incisions. The laparoscopic colostomy is less invasive compare to open surgery.

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On the other hand, an open colostomy takes place by making a single large incision in your belly to see the colon directly.

The basics of both surgeries are the same. Your surgeon will access the intestine by making one or more incision and removes the damaged or diseased colon. Next, the doctor will sew the remaining parts of the colon together. This step is known as anastomosis. If needed, your surgeon will also do the procedure of colostomy. Then, they will close the incision opening by stitching. In some cases, the surgeon also removes other organs.

Bottom Line

The resection of the colon can be complicated sometimes; if the patients wait too much time to go through surgery. You must get the affected part of the large intestine removed immediately so that the other parts can perform their function. Moreover, it is painful, and a patient can have soreness near their belly.

Your doctor will recommend the perfect time to undergo surgery and also suggest whether open colostomy or laparoscopic colostomy is better for you. After the surgery, there are little chances of any side effects and complications, and if you feel any problem, consult your doctor.

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