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The Colon: Common Problems & Surgery

What surgery and problems are common to the colon? The colon is a long tube-like organ that makes up most of the large intestine. It is one of the major parts of the digestive tract, responsible for the formation and disposal of our indigested stool.  Once the food enters into the small intestine and all the nutrients, it goes through many enzymes for nutrient absorption and then makes its entry into the colon. Here, the colon absorbs the leftover vitamins, water, and salts from the food, converting it into the fecal matter and excreting it as waste.

Common Problems of the Colon

Problems with the colon classify as abdominal issues since it makes up a huge part of the stomach. Having an irritable bowel is very common amongst people. A dysfunctional colon will often lead to constipation. The colon is responsible for the formation of your stool, the over absorption of water from the stool makes it hard and dry. Consequently, this causes the occurrence of constipation.

Apart from constipation, problems with the colon can also result in stomachaches, diarrhea, bloating, fatigue and stomach cramps. Thus, colon health is emphatic for an individual if they want to avoid abdominal discomfort.  The best way to maintain colon health is through dietary changes.

Colon Problems Surgery

Dietary Changes

The most common cause of bad colon health is a person’s dietary choice. Eating a diet that lacks nutritional value, especially fiber, can have adverse effects on the colon. Thus, the best way to deal with colon problems is to make changes to your diet.

Foods that put stress on a weak stomach include red meat, processed carbohydrates and sugar, alcohol, and coffee. The ideal food for colon issues is fresh vegetables and fruits. You should also consider foods that are high in fiber since fiber eases the passing down of food particles.

Types of Colon Disorders

The following are some of the disorders related to the large intestine. These problems are ordinary, especially amongst older men.

  • Diverticulitis (this is a disease that causes pouch formation inside the linings of the colon, it leads to disturbing symptoms and discomfort)
  • Crohn’s Disease (a person suffering from this disease faces intense pain in their abdomen)
  • Colorectal Cancer(this disease does not show any symptoms, however, it is very severe)
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome(this disease causes frequent pain in the lower left side of the abdomen)
  • Ulcerative Colitis


Abdominal diseases and colon problems are now more common than they ever were. This is mostly because the general population leads an unhealthy lifestyle. Your gut health is a clear reflection of your lifestyle choices. Eating unhealthy food, and living a sedentary lifestyle can put you at high risk of colon problems.

This is why it is important to exercise and make the right nutritional choices.  A good intake of fibrous food allows for a smoother stool. Furthermore, it also decreases your risks of high blood pressure, obesity, hernias, hemorrhoids, and colon cancer. Moreover, smoking is also a leading cause of colon issues that you can avoid.

Colon Surgery

In extreme cases, lifestyle changes and medication are not enough for the intense colon pain. Instances such as these call for surgical measures to overcome colon pain. A patient needs surgery when the colon damage starts to affect the health and leads to life-threatening concerns.  In the case of inflammatory spread, surgery becomes the only option for the removal of the infected colon cavity.

(source)Common Problems & Surgery of the Colon

Types of Colon Surgery

The choice of the surgical procedure depends on where exactly is the bacterial damage on the colon. Furthermore, the severity of the patient’s condition is the determining factor of the surgical technique. There are two approaches to colon surgery, open surgery or resection, and laparoscopic surgery.

Open Surgery

In this surgery, the surgeon uses a local excision technique. A simple procedure involves making a big incision on the abdomen so that they can operate on your stomach. Doctors can use this surgical approach regardless of the colon problems. The purpose of the surgery is to remove the part of the colon that under bacterial invasion.  The large cut on your abdomen allows the surgeon good visibility and room to clean the abdominal regions after removal.

Laparoscopic Surgery

A surgeon usually opts for this surgery when the patient is old or has other underlying conditions. This surgery is not invasive, because the incisions are smaller, therefore, a patient can recover from it much faster. In this surgery, the surgeon inserts a laparoscope inside the small incisions and into the abdominal cavity. This device is tube-like in shape, with a camera attached to its end and light for visibility.  This tool sends a clear picture to the doctor about the infectious spread on the colon.

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