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General Surgery: Colon Cancer

People with colon cancer mostly have to undergo general surgery. It is the primary treatment for people with early stages of colon cancer. Furthermore, there are different types of colon surgeries. The doctors choose to perform between each of the surgery by considering certain factors. These factors involve the severity of cancer, location of the abnormal growth in the colon, and the exact purpose of the surgery.


Surgeons use this type of colon surgery procedure for patients that are just in the early stages of tumor. In this stage, polyps start to spear in the colon. These polyps are small abnormal growth in the colon that share the size of a mushroom. In hindsight, they look like small bumps or dents in the colon.

Since polyps do not cause sizable disruption, a doctor can simply use a colonoscopy tube to get rid of them. A polypectomy is a procedure in which the doctor inserts a long tube inside a patient and attaches a camera to it. The camera helps the doctor navigate around the colon to look for cancerous polyps.

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After the careful spotting of the polyp, the doctor uses a wire to loop around the stem of the polyp and then cut it off with the help of an electric current. This a very careful procedure; the doctor takes plenty of precautions before they can remove the cancerous cavity. Nevertheless, it is relatively easier and less time consuming than other surgeries for colon cancer.

Local Excision

Local excision is another minimally invasive procedure like polypectomy. For procedures such as these, the doctor does not have to make incisions in the stomach. However, this procedure requires slightly more involvement from the professional. The doctor not only removes the cancerous polyps inside the colon but also the surrounding healthy tissues.

This prevents further spread. However, this does not promise the prevention of further growth of cancerous cells. If the doctor believes that the cancer is likely to spread, then they will opt for another procedure, such as Colectomy.


Colectomy is one of the solutions to treat colon cancer. The doctor removes the colon or some parts of the colon in this surgery. The doctor decides whether they will perform a total colectomy or partial colectomy depending on the intensity of the abnormal growth.

Partial Colectomy

In a partial colectomy, surgeons remove one-third or one-fourth of the colon along with some of the lymph nodes so they can check them for cancer. This surgery only removes the portion of the colon that has cancerous growth and then sews the remaining colon together. You can also call this surgery segmental colectomy and hemicolectomy.

Total Colectomy

In a total colectomy, a person undergoes a complete colon removal. The doctor goes for this option when the polyp growth extends beyond control. Furthermore, doctors may also resort to this solution when the person with colon cancer starts having other problems with their colon.

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If the doctor is unable to instantly sew the colon together after partial colectomy, then the patient undergoes a colostomy. For this surgery, the doctor attaches a colostomy bag to the colon until the other part of the colon heals. The plastic bag allows the patient to pass stool from the colon since the bag acts as a collective source of the stool. The bag directly attaches to the stoma of the colon; the stoma is the opening of the operated colon.

Colectomy – The Procedure

There are two ways a doctor can perform a colectomy: Open colectomy and laparoscopic-assisted colectomy.

Open Colectomy

For this procedure, the doctor makes a long incision in the abdominal region of the body. Surgeons use a scalpel for this surgery, and it creates an opening into the colon for operation.

Laparoscopic Assisted Colectomy

Unlike open surgery, the surgeons make multiple small incisions and use a laparoscope, along with other tools to perform this operation. The laparoscope is a long and thin tube, having a micro camera and lights at the end of it. This allows surgeons to move around the abdomen with the help of this tool and have clear visibility. In comparison to open colectomy, this procedure is less invasive.

Since the incisions in this procedure are small, the patient recovery time decreases to a significant amount. Thus, a patient does not have to be under bed rest for too long in this surgery. Nevertheless, this is a much more technical procedure because of the use of highly advanced tools. Only surgeons that have the expertise and experience of performing a laparoscopic surgery will offer you the best procedure.

General Surgery Colon Cancer: Consult with Experienced Surgeons

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